Replace the paper version
of your visitors’ book with a more efficient tool

An intuitive and user-friendly tool, 100% made in Quebec, which your visitors and users
will enjoy using

Flexible and versatile,
Regis makes your registry management easier

Whether you need to control your visitors’ comings and goings, the exits of your
residents with cognitive impairment, or to manage important documents, Regis is your
ideal tool.

Ours products

Three Regis versions adapted to your needs

What is your need?


Ease the workload of your receptionist

Seniors’ residences

Have a better control over your residents’ comings and goings


See where your documents are and who is in their possession

The different Regis options offer you great flexibility

Regis makes it possible for you to be notified by email or SMS of your visitors’ arrival, of a resident’s exit or of the flow of your important documents.

  • View information at all times, in real time
  • Full control over any information you wish to get
  • Detailed reports are available in Excel and PDF format
  • Regis allows you to customize your Ipad with your corporate branding

Our team is always there to guide you

during implementation as well as after

We assist you at all times so you can get the most out of Regis features

We adapt to your preferred means of communication:

  • By phone
  • By email
  • We can also come to your premises

If required, we can provide a complete package which includes the Ipad, dock as well as the Regis solution of your choice.

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    Gestion de sorties des résidents :

    Gestion d’entrées des visiteurs :

    Gestion de sorties des résidents :

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    Gestion de sorties des résidents :

    Gestion de sorties des residents :

    Gestion d’entrées des visiteurs :

    Gestion d’entrées des visitors: