Manage the flow of all your important documents with a simple and efficient tool.

A tool 100% made in Quebec, simple to use, that will help you identify at any time who is in possession of your documents.

No credit card required

Have a better control over the flow of your documents.

Outgoing document, file and minute book management

The person responsible for the file is notified by email or SMS of an outgoing file

Automated list of all outgoing files

Document flow reports and analysis

Customizing options

Ticket printing

Stand out in the eyes of your customers

  • Identification of document borrowers
  • Document flow restriction management
  • Collect your duly signed confidentiality agreements

No credit card required

Advantages of controlling the flow of your documents for your business

  • Detailed report of document flow
  • Restriction management of outgoing documents
  • Document confidentiality standards compliance

No credit card required

Document flow management that is easy for your employees to use

Your employees are notified of outgoing documents under their responsibility as well as their return

  • Detailed list of outgoing documents
  • SMS or email notification
  • Identification and picture of the document borrower
  • Document confidentiality standards compliance

No credit card required

Three Regis versions to fit your specific needs


All prices quoted are payable in Canadian dollars (CAD)


  • Outgoing document recording
  • Identification of document borrowers
  • Email notification to the person responsible for the document
  • Daily document flow report
  • Outgoing document automated list
  • Bilingual screens
  • 1 iPad connected

Regis Plus


*All Regis plan functionality


  • Picture of the document borrowers
  • SMS notification to the people responsible for the documents
  • Confidentiality agreements and signatures
  • Customizing forms
  • Reports and statistics
  • Up to 3 iPad connected

Regis Ultra


*All RegisPlus plan functionality


  • Customizing options
  • Customizing reports
  • Up to 10 iPad connected

If needed, we can offer you the complete system including the IPad, the base and the Regis solution of your choice.

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